Sorry, but the Teply Graphic Arts & Publishing, LLC site is under construction. For many reasons, we are in the process of moving our office from Helper to Price, Utah... including suffering through non-reliable phones, cable and internet! We are setting up our Goblinhost web server network, which means that our own site has taken a back seat to existing and new clients and other priorities. We apologize for any inconvenience. We hope to have an internet pdf portfolio up soon.

Services that we offer: graphic arts, print media, website design, marketing materials & services, community & tourism development, digital photo restoration & duplication. We are not confined to Eastern Utah! We do have out-of-state clients! Feel free to give us a call - just realize that we'll answer the phone Eastern Utah Tourism & History Association... same people, just one phone line at the moment.

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Also check out Eastern Utah Tourism & History Association

Teply Graphic Arts & Publishing, LLC

Physical Location:
592 East Main, Price Utah 84501
(Located on the top of the hill, inside of the Eastern Utah Tourism & History Center.)

Mailing: P.O. Box 592, Price, Utah 84501-0592

Phone: (435) 630-3699

We are currently working on...

A full-four color book put together by and for the Eastern Utah Tourism & History Association. This will be the third book put out by the authors, with more in progress.

On Sale the End of March 2015.

We have been asked many times about our experiences with Emery Telcom's questionable service, including crossing my business lines with another building on our old street resulting in our inability to perform business over the phone and internet. Our personal experiences and opinions will appear in a future book, a website and a video. Their latest stunt involves using one of my photos without any kind of permission, contract, photographic/owner credit, nor payment... thus becoming a Copyright Violation. I'll post some teasers here soon.

We are now using and recommending B.E.H. Communications and NOT Emery Hellcom!